1 on 1 with: Joseph Moore

As President and Founder of AEB Technologies, Joseph Moore brings a wealth of experience and passion to each project. Under Joe’s leadership, AEB has become a leading representative of market-leading technologies essential to the design of today’s high-performance building designs. Let’s go one-on-one with Joseph to learn more.



Can you tell us a little about your background?

Sure, I have a mechanical engineering degree from Wright State University and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati. My work experience includes design, project management, and sales management in the construction and industrial markets.

What was the motivation to launch AEB Technologies?

Throughout my career I’ve seen the impact that service, professionalism, and relationships can have on an organization and its client base. In my opinion this willingness to go the extra mile and be a problem-solver is what sets once company apart from the others. Everyone preaches customer services; but few actually deliver. Over the years I was looking for a chance start a business and put much of what I’ve seen and learned into practice.  I got that opportunity in 2013 and in July of that year Advanced Energy and Building Technologies was launched. We specialize in commercial HVAC instrumentation and controls representing market-leading technologies.

You represent some very reputable manufacturers. Can you talk about that?

Well, I just mentioned how important I believe service and professionalism to be.  This was at the top of the list when I began looking at manufacturing partners.  Don’t get me wrong, quality equipment is important. After all, we had to be comfortable recommending the product.  But what I was also looking for in a partner was a reputation for outstanding service.  AEB is in the problem-solving business; and I’m pleased to say that today we are collaborating with manufacturing partners who take this as seriously as we do.  

What territory does your team service?

We concentrate on Ohio. However, we also serve facilities across the river along the border of Kentucky.

What are some of the value-added services that AEB provides?

I mentioned problem-solving earlier.  We understand how critical budgets are and we work closely with our clients to get things right the first time.  In this industry downstream surprises are killers; and so we work with our customers to minimize risk. Proper equipment selection and placement is important; and with meters, for example, its critical.  Relocating meters adds needless time and expense to a project. 

We encourage our customers to send a picture or layout of the project plan and we’ll identify optimal meter type and placement. We’ll even come on site to make recommendations and approve installation. Of course, these services are provided at no charge. We also offer start-up commissioning services and provide in-field equipment calibration on gas detection equipment, and field measurements before dampers are ordered.

What about training?

I’m glad you mentioned that. We keep ourselves up to date with all of the equipment that we represent and pass this along to our customers. We also share updates, useful tips, and best practices we’ve learned along the way. Our training ranges from hands-on instruction to lunch and learn meetings at the client’s facility.

Sounds like you are serious about service.

Isn’t that how business should be? Look, people can purchase equipment from a variety of places; but service before, during, and after the sale is what sets us apart. We bring our experience, expertise, and reputation to every project.

When does AEB typically become involved in a project?

Well, we can certainly get involved at just about any stage.  We might get called in to troubleshoot a problem and recommend a fix.  But with new constructions or retrofits, we generally get involved at the design detail phase. That is about three quarters of the way through the project when an engineer is ready to add some specific equipment to the plan. 

As evident in the case studies on your web site, implementing the proper solution clearly has a tremendous impact.

When applied properly, most equipment will have a measurable and sustained impact on building operation, performance, and the bottom line. Early collaboration allows us to help our customers avoid costly and time-consuming downstream problems. The right equipment and proper installation helps ensure peak performance and a maximum return on investment.

For example, Cleveland Clinic has documented yearly savings of approximately $12,000 per operating room. With more than 215 operating rooms, that’s a tremendous savings. In Athens, Ohio University saved $350,000 in a recent modernization program. These and other case studies are examples of how we leverage our relationships and experience to help our customers.

OK, last question. What are some of your interests outside of the business?

Believe it or not, I’m a surfer.  I learned years ago while in California; and I still try to catch a wave or two whenever I can – which isn’t easy in Ohio.  Aside from that, my girlfriend and I like to travel. There’s a lot to see and do out there; and we try to take it in as often as we can.

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