Series 1500

Designed for operation in temperatures ranging between -40°F (-40°C) and 250°F (121°C) the TAMCO Series 1000 and Series 1500 Air-Foil Control Dampers are UL/ULC rated Leakage Class 1 – The best possible leakage class attainable!

Approved for use with Belimo or Honeywell actuators with 24, 120, or 230 vac, single phase, two-position control

AMCA certified for pressure drop

Aluminum extrusions contribute to a prolonged and rust-free operational life

Bearings are composed of a 2 part (inner and outer) bronze oilite bearing system, fixed to an aluminum hexagon blade pivot pin. This system prevents bearings from rotating directly within the frame and around the axle

Flexible silicone seals resistant to weathering, compression set, and heat, thus ensuring consistent minimal leakage rate performance and sealing longevity

Standard blade depth is 6” (152 mm)

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