Wishing you well and helping to remind you of all the great times Ohio has to offer once this challenge is behind us!

We’re just checking in to see how everyone is doing during this very interesting time. Our deepest sympathies if you or a loved one have been affected by this global event. Who could possibly imagine that life and business could change so much so fast

During all the news and noise, it’s good to remind ourselves that this is our first attempt at combating a global challenge; and it’s refreshing to see the world coming together to solve a common problem.  We have high hopes that we will learn a lot from our efforts, and will come out of this stronger, smarter, and more prepared for future challenges.

Impact on Business
At AEB we spend a great deal of time working in-person with our customers.  In the days ahead, however, that won’t be prudent or possible – so, we’ll reach out by phone and lean on tools such as Zoom Meetings to remain as productive as possible.  As our habits change and we adopt new practices we’ll be mindful of those that are useful, not only today, but also in the future.  Here’s to developing some new skills, learning to work remotely, safely, and efficiently during our (hopefully) brief time being sheltered in place.  

Here When You Need Us
Of course, life and business, goes on here at AEB. Like many of you we are planning next projects, staying busy with home schooling, grocery shopping, and keeping in touch with our community, and family members. As always, we are here to serve your needs. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.
Wising you the best!
Your friends at AEB Technologies

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