The Shocking Truth about Grounding Electromagnetic Flow Meters!

Employed in a variety of building applications, Electromagnetic Flow Meters measure the flow of conductive liquids through tubes and pipes. These flow meters use magnetic fields to measure the ion particles in fluid through a process known as electromagnetic induction.

This phenomenon is defined by Faraday’s Law – a law used to predict the interaction between a magnetic field and an electric circuit producing an electromotive force. You can about this in more detail here.

Common Grounding Errors

Like any piece of electrified equipment, proper installation and grounding of Electromagnetic Flow Meters is also critical from both a performance and safety perspective. If not correctly grounded, noise signals resulting from stray currents created from high voltage equipment, VFD’s, and other motors may resonate through the fluid and into the instrumentation.  This disturbance can interfere with signals generated by the flow meter compromising reading accuracy.

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